At SUPERMOTARDS, our core mission is to expand the supermoto network in order to create awareness and to inform and inspire more riders to join the resurgence of the American street-legal supermoto riding experience.

Supermoto is predominately known as a track sport in the United States, but it is also a unique alternative street bike riding style independent from all current motorcycling classes. As the popularity of the riding experience continues to grow, and more supporting products and accessories enter the market, we hope to see the riding style carve its own recognizable space among the other street-legal motorcycling categories. > JOIN THE NETWORK

Supermoto is a hybrid form of motorcycle riding and racing that involves riding on a combination of tracks – or terrains – namely flat track, motocross (off-road) and road. Rather than focusing on speed alone, supermoto focuses on agility, maneuvering and technical skill. To participate in this challenging sport, you must have a bike specifically set up for supermoto racing.

Due to the popularity, versatility, excitement and durability of the motorcycles, some owners have modified them for street use.

We believe supermoto is an option in addressing the converging issues recently reported in the media surrounding other crossover motorcycling classes and riding styles in America. Learn more.
Whether you are considering building a custom bike or converting an already street-legal dual sport factory model, there are a couple of recognizable features that can qualify your bike as a supermoto.

Aside from the mandatory headlight, tail light, turn signals, horn, and mirror(s), a supermoto includes 17-inch front and rear wheels, rim widths to accept proper sticky road rubber, and appropriate suspension and brakes to make the tires work. To achieve the overall supermoto aesthetic appearance, a shorter front fender is generally installed.

Depending on the bike brand and model you’re interested in converting, there are many aftermarket products and accessories available to improve the comfort, performance, and personalized appearance of your supermoto bike. If you are having a difficult time trying to find the information or the products and accessories you need, contact our street team. We are here to help you get it together and get out riding.

SUPERMOTARDS recommends that you contact your local motorcycle shop to have a certified bike mechanic install your products properly.

Although supermoto’s popularity in the United States has just started to build momentum in the past decade, the sport was first introduced to the American audience back in 1979 through a spin-off of the ABC television show Wide World of Sports. The spin-off show was called Superbikers and brought together top motorcycle racers with varying racing styles to showcase and pit their skills against each other. Whoever demonstrated mastery of the three types of racing – flat track, motocross and road – would achieve “superbiker” status.

When the show went off the air in 1985, U.S. interest in the sport faded but European interest spiked, particularly in France, after European racers who’d competed in American “superbiker” events brought the sport back home with them. Superbiking resurfaced in the United States under a new name – supermoto – when it appeared in the 2003 ESPN X Games and the AMA Supermoto Championship. The supermoto resurgence is ongoing as more people become interested in this alternative riding style experience.

Since France was crucial in keeping the spirit of supermoto alive during the years that the sport temporarily disappeared from America’s radar, U.S. supermoto enthusiasts have paid tribute by continuing to use the French terms:

Supermoto – Translated as “supermotorcycle” or “superbike”, supermoto is used to refer to either the sport itself or the actual type of bike used for the sport.

Supermotard – Translated as “supermotorcyclist” or “superbiker”, supermotard refers to a motorcycle rider participating in the supermoto style of riding.

This network of street-legal supermoto groups can help you with the information pertaining to your country, state and region. Find others to ride with, get answers to local motor vehicle questions and learn about the best places to ride, product suggestions or bike shop recommendations – get in touch with a group in your area. If your group would like to be listed here or if you want to take advantage of our FREE Affiliated Supermoto Group pages, send your information to

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The Supermoto Advantages

  • Lightweight, versatile, maneuverable and durable
  • Riding position, torque, horse power, suspension
  • Small investment for an interchangeable multi-purpose bike
  • Cheap on fuel and low insurance rates
  • Ultimate urban assault machine
  • The fun meter – constantly pegged!

What Supermotards Say

“The Supermotard Street Team was so responsive in getting me the product information and details I needed in order to complete my conversion. I spent hours online reviewing aftermarket products, but now my search is over.”
Greg Howell, San Francisco, CA
“I grew up on dirt bikes, I have a cruiser and a sport bike. Since I got my supermoto converted and on the road, it’s the only bike I find myself grabbing over the weekend. It makes me feel like a kid again!”
Tom Jackson, Sinton, TX
“It’s the perfect bike for us smaller women who love to ride. My sumo is lightweight, agile, and easy to handle on any terrain.”
Jenna Phillips, Middlesex, NJ
“Just got my new rims and tires on my KTM 525EXC, what a blast! It’s so smooth on the paved roads and handles great on the backcountry trails when I have the urge to get off the beaten path”
Bob Lundry, Hinesville, GA
“I’ve had plenty of other bikes, but no other bike is better for getting around the city so quickly. It’s good to be nimble around town!”
Doug Taylor, Brooklyn, NY
“I’ve had plenty of other bikes, but no other bike is better for getting around the city so quickly. It’s good to be nimble around town!”
Brett Jergen, Tacoma, WA